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North Stonington to apply for grant to begin sewer system planning

7/25/2012 - By Anna Isaacs - Day Staff Writer

North Stonington - The town will be applying for about $160,000 in state grant money to begin work on planning a sewer system in partnership with nearby Stonington.

There is currently no public sewer system in town.

First Selectman Nicholas H. Mullane said the town conducted a nine-month engineering study that ended in May 2010 that determined that the existing Pawcatuck Wastewater Treatment Plant would be able to supply both towns.

The project would bring sewer service up Route 2 to the rotary, Mullane said, and would help the town further develop its commercial base.
The Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grant money would cover the cost of legal consulting to draft the intermunicipal agreement and help the town develop specific construction plans and determine how the expansion would be paid for in the long run.
"I think the thing's got a lot of credibility. It's not something we just pulled out," Mullane said. "It's not an unreasonable portion to allocate to a town."
The application will include a map of the proposal and the potential cost of different phases of the project. The buy-in to Stonington's sewage system would cost about $1.3 million, while laying down the pipes and building a pump station along Route 2 are priced at about $1 million and $800,000, respectively.

If the town receives STEAP funds, Mullane said the first two phases could be accomplished within the fiscal year.

STEAP offers up to $500,000 in grant money for capital projects each year to towns with populations under 30,000.

Applications are due Aug. 1, 2012

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